Attend our training academy – push yourself to the limits

Here at Inspired Automotive we have been offering training packages for over 12 years.

Training the home users, enthusiasts and even professionals in the same trade to improve their skills and expertise, along with learning new techniques and methods, while ensuring you can offer the very best level of work and capabilities.

Training packages can be tailored to suit your own needs and we encourage you to speak with our Head Detailer to get the very best from your course.

Typical training courses offered are:

  • Valeting courses – A one day training course guiding you on the correct methods for pre washing, washing, decontamination including clay bar usage, wax or sealant application and interior valeting – From £200.00
  • DA / Dual Action machine buffing course –  A 2 day course showing techniques of the DA machine polisher and how to get the best results using select methods, compounds and pad styles – From £450.00
  • Rotary and wet sanding courses –  A vert complex professional training course showing methods around the rotary machine buffer, a buffer with more skills and a higher level of finish to the paint but also just as dangerous to use in the wrong hands. – From £800.00
  • Signature Coat 9h Ceramic applications – Want to learn how to apply a true ceramic, a true ceramic isn’t the easiest of things to apply and needs to be done correctly and cure to provide the results required but to the trained professional this is the ultimate step in detailing and a service to offer. – From £360.00

(this course also provides authorisation to apply Signature Coat 9h within your business and grants status as an official installer)

Training courses can be carried out on a one-to-one basis or in group training, and all courses are carried out in our Signature Coat Certified Booth.

All our courses are certificated and approved upon completion – if you pass the course! Get in touch to learn more.

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