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Inspired Automotive offers a brilliant range of industry-leading services.

We take particular pride in our Detailing service. Click here to learn more about what we can offer.

To achieve the best quality result, we request to see your vehicle ahead of work commencing, but can provide advice and quotes completely free.

Click here to learn more about our Ceramic service or read on to discover everything else we have to offer.

Soft top protection

This service cleanses your fabric hood, removing mould, spors and other contamination, while also restoring the colour of the roof fabric dramatically.

We also apply multiple layers of sealant to the fabric to add a weather-proof protection which can be topped us as required.


  • Valeting courses
  • DA – Dual action machine courses
  • Rotary courses
  • Ceramic Signature Coat 9h application, training and approved user status

We have been delivering training packages for more than ten years now and offer certification upon pass completion. More can be seen here

Headlight correction

It’s not always an option to purchase new headlights – and restoring them can be the cheaper option the majority of the time.

Various processes can be carried out to achieve these results, which sometimes includes wet sanding the plastics.

Ceramic coatings can also be applied to toughen up, add layers to the plastics and provide UV, while Oxidisation protection can reduce the risk of damage caused in the future.

New car inspection

We carry out of hours inspection for customers on vehicles prior to purchase, be this a vehicle that is new to you or a brand new zero-mileage vehicle. The inspection is there to highlight defects on the vehicle, possible touch-ups, smart repairs and also examine the condition of the paint, including identification of swirls, marring and new car prep damage. This can provide you as the customer further control on the price of the vehicle, along with a higher level on detailed evidence on your new purchase. Should you book your vehicle in for any of our services after your purchase you could also be eligible for a full refund on this service.

Brake caliper refurbishment

There is nothing worse than a dull or tarnished set of brakes, even manufacturers now a days ask up to £800 to have these coloured as part of a sports pack knowing they look better and can add an upgrade to your car build. Here at Inspired Automotive we will re colour your calipers spending most of the day prepping them, covering your car correctly to stop any overspray from falling on your pride and joy and carefully masking all the brake lines, pads and guiders before carrying out the paint process. We will even paint the bell housing to provide the ultimate finish to your inner wheel restoration and can also carry out Ceramic Coating Applications to extend the life and easy clean of your newly refurbished brakes. Click this link to see our official flyer for this service. 

New car sealant

This service will remove any pre-inspection foams, rubbers (etc.), and fully prep the vehicles safely, before applying a coating to your vehicle thatt can last from 12 months up to three years on the exterior. We can also apply interior coatings to plastics, leather and fabrics. A large amount of customers have their new vehicles delivered directly to ourselves from the dealership, and request that no pre-sales prep is carried out to their new vehicle, as this will be carried out by ourselves.


We have worked on many restoration projects to date, including a barn find Porsche 944 and a full bare shell re-spray Alfa Romeo.

Speak to us about your project and let us help ensure you get the most from the build.

Show Cars

Show cars have been a speciality for us for years. We have worked on hundreds of show cars, with some headlining at the latest shows in the UK.

We know how hard it is to place at some of these events – never mind grab attention of the crowd or win an award. We can inspect your build, highlight options available to you and guide you through our recommendations.

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