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In Depth has just taken a new step into perfecting paint for the enthusiast.

In Depth is specially designed to hide light swirls, defect, marring and marks in your paintwork, perfect for those wanting to give there car that little extra to that finish.

Not only does it fill marks but it will also add incredible depth to your paint regardless of how dull it may be.

Can it be used over Ceramic and wax ? YES because it is a glaze.

Can it be used before a wax or ceramic so i can hide swirls and marks ? YES again it can.

What makes this different to others ! Unlike similar products on the market IN Depth actually lasts for up to 8 weeks meaning you dont spend all your Sunday cleaning your car for a rain cloud to shower over for 5 minutes and remove your hard work. It actually offers a protection and lasting result.

Can be applied by hand or machine. Seriously easy on and off results and can be layered.

Thank us later.

Always wear gloves using In Depth, not suitable for white vehicles.


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