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How to cheat with Finalise, the quick and easy way to apply long lasting protection, with enhanced water beading to all exterior surfaces. Finalise adds a protective layer of Si02 coating to all exterior surfaces right at the wash stage. Simply wash your vehicle as normal, rinse then apply a fine mist of finalise to the vehicle whilst wet, rinse very well once again. You will see before your very eyes the instant effects of Finalises hydrophobic characteristics, that last wash after wash for up to 3 months.

We do recommend actually applying this to your drying towel and using it as a drying aid and protective coating at the same time, unlike other companies we will tell you this product can leave water stains depending on how harsh your water actually is and should be used out of the sun and heat.

Used correctly this really is a quick and simple product with superior results, to the perfectionist and purest we would recommend using SC PRO as your go to after wash produtct, why no check it out.


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