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The Build It For You generation T shirt.

We have always strongly believed in your car should be built for you and you only, yes we want everyone to look at our cars like we do and its nice to get social media fame when your cars stance, looks or overall appearance just works but the main point of building a car it to build it your way and for you only, so forget the haters and those that dont appreciate your upgrades and mods as long as you do.

Anyone who knows Inspired knows we have built many cars that are hated or just completely different and dont work for many people but we also know that a short time later the trend tends to follow and people start to copy, just like our race builds in co operation with Inspired Race Developments and the BG Wings which suddenly became a huge craze a year after we did them or the wide arch kits which people hated then suddenly became the only thing to do at some of the largest shows in the uk.

Dont follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.


Want to get this T Shirt for free, simply email us a high res attention grabbing photo of you in your shirt with your car and if we use your photo on our website we will refund your money in full. Email your photos to

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