PPF – Paint Protection Film


PPF protects the vehicle’s paint from unsightly damage such as stone chips, scrapes and light scuffs.

The Benefits of Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Highest quality urethane

Our raw materials are globally sourced – the best TPU substrates combined with the best adhesives and coatings.

Coating under strict conditions

Whether it’s our reGen Instant Healing, our Ultra Clear Self Healing or any of our extensive ProColor range, coating is undertaken on the latest machinery in a controlled clean-room environment.

Easy to install

Our PPF is flexible, offers repeatable adhesion, excellent edge seal and no residue after removal. The finish is unparalleled.

Profilm PPF is manufactured to meet REACH, ISO 9001 and several OEM-specific standards.


Our state of the art new build studio is easily accessed to those around Rotherham, Sheffield and Barnsley with the train station being only a short walk away.



Our PPF protects your paintwork from chips, minor scuffs and scrapes, environmental factors such as bug splatter and protects the finish against defects from poor washing techniques.


Our PPF has a superior optical clarity and is very easy to maintain. When looked after correctly it gives a depth of shine like freshly detailed paint for many years.

Self Healing

Our PPF has a self healing layer. Stone chips, scuffs, scratches and swirls that don’t penetrate this layer disappear with the application of heat from hot tap water, the car’s engine or even just the sun.


If a panel needs replacing, you won’t be off the road for long. Most panels can be replaced within a couple of hours – unlike traditional paint repairs, which often take days or even weeks.

Time & Convenience

Should a panel require replacement it is a quick turnaround, most panels can be replaced within a couple of hours whereas paint repairs run into days even weeks.


Because our PPF is specifically designed to fit each panel it can be replaced individually meaning little or no need to strip the panels and no extra paint to blend the colour to adjacent panels.

Services We Offer:

Body PPF:

Protecting the paintwork and exterior body panels of your vehicle inlcuding areas such as carbon fibre sills, footwells and side skirts.


Windscreen PPF:

Due to the costs of replacing a windscreen sometimes being in the excess of £6000.00 on some supercars, Windscreen PPF will reduce or on most occasions even stop stone chips on your glass. 

It also adds as an additional safety measure in an accident or in a malcious attack. 



As we are the leading experts when it comes to Ceramic Coatings we also recommend and apply Profilm Flexible Coatings to your freshly wrapped Vinyl. 

Ask for more information about these services and why a flexible coating is so important.

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