Inspired Automotive offers new car preparation and ceramic coating services.

This new service, launched in 2020, is designed for customers collecting their vehicles who want something a little more substantial than the standard dealership protection and guard coating generally offered.

Through the provision of this service, the Inspired Automotive team will prep and lightly machine detail your vehicle over the course of a single day to identify and remedy any defects.

We will add further depth and colour impact to your vehicle that far exceeds what a dealership would offer.

We will also remove the wheels and deep clean these inside and out.

We then apply a single coating of genuine Ceramic solution not only to the bodywork, but also to the wheels, calipers, glass, as well as all outside trims and plastics.

This delivers a protective, easy-wash solution that will last a genuine 12 to 18 months on average.

This service is provided on the second (final) day of your vehicle’s booking.

We are delighted to be able to offer this superb service for a dealership-beating price of £450 – with a level of service, care and protection you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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